Natural Patterns Of Rocks And Lava Exploration

A natural phenomenon of natural sources and process are really amazing to see through our vision. These nature processes is inartificial because it does not have any illustration art and effects which can be modified as per our needs. You will be really amazed to see these pictures of volcanoes after exploration Lava and then the Lava forms creative patterns and shapes while these glowing bubbles cooled down.  Lava bubbles and oozes inside lava lakes at molten surface temperatures range from 550 degrees Fahrenheit (288 degrees Celsius) to nearly 1000 degrees Fahrenheit (540 degrees Celsius) at the center of the pit. These Lava bubbles and boils during a spectacular 2002 eruption of various mountains and the volcano gave its most dazzling show in a decade, spewing rivers of lava and fountains of fire. These amazing natural patterns of rocks and lava were bring to our vision by expert photographs. Remember that it’s not an art but natural process.

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Remix Special Edition Of Hyundai Veloster

Now it in production for a Hyundai Veloster REMIX special edition. The eight SEMA bound vehicle of Hyundai has just been unveiled and it is inspired by the brand’s successful REMIX Lab program of special edition design model. The latter debuted a year ago at the same show and provoked big interest among the car enthusiasts, now this year Hyundai is showcasing at the show the production vehicle which has a unique design model of Veloster. This model car special edition production includes an aggressive sporty exterior appearance with a unique body kit and gunmetal-finish alloy wheels. Also the vehicle is enhanced with more innovative features and customization for presentation of ultimate style, design and performance.

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Amazing And Wonderful Places For Vacations

Beautiful and wonderful things always have been a wide choice of traveling peoples. They love and like to travel or visit these places anywhere in the world. The strange and wonderful places on the planet Earth that most people have never look before is been put in our collection of beautiful places. When people talk about the best places to travel, it’s often all about a city or a country. But if you forget to think regionally you could miss some of the world’s best travel spots. Here are some pictures of wonderful places to put on from our efforts only which can be chosen by you to pack your bags and go for a journey.

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Amazing Examples Of 3D Drawings Art

The most famous form of art is 3D, it is only the art form which playing tricks on our minds and the skills craft of the artist. Here are amazing examples of 3D drawings art!  Usually 3D drawings are made in public areas which are quite large and can be seen on at a certain angle with a certain distance apart.  Almost all of our visual experiences are tricks on the mind’s eye! And artists have used this to their advantage in creating their spectacular shows of 3D drawings, some of which we’ve collected below. 3D drawings, usually drawn on pavements, sidewalks or in plain public view, are usually made with chalks, pastels, charcoal etc. but many artists draw these on their sketchbooks and drawing papers as well.

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Creative Conceptual Illustrations By Keith Negley

An amazing and creative graphic illustration of artist who urge to develop a concept through his art of illustration. Keith Negley is a freelance illustrator with over 10 years of experience working in conceptual editorial illustration and graphic designing work. Keith Negley currently lives in Brooklyn, New York. Some of Keith’s clients and profile of his illustrations art includes, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, The New Republic, Bloomberg, Time Magazine International Edition, Billboard Magazine, Newsweek, PC World, Inc Magazine, American Way, AARP, Consumer Reports, Washington Post, Harvard Business Review. Just have a look yourself on his illustration artworks.

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Porsche Boxster S By Speed Art SP81R

SpeedART SP81R based on Porsche Boxster S is redesign Porsche model. The SpeedART has introduced its latest project based on the new Porsche Boxster S (981). The Porsche car model has comes with entire exterior restyling as well some performance modifications. In configured engines can be boosted with up to 20HP and 20Nm by installing a complete sports exhaust system including new headers, sport catalysts and 2×100 mm twin- tailpipes. By the body shape it has aerodynamics package includes front spoiler lipp, rear wing, and diffuser and side parts in Carbon. The Porsche model car is finished in black-green metallic, which also features nice interior touches as well as an Alcantara-leather upholstery (on demand all colors and materials available). Furthermore car rolls a set of enormous 21” LSC-Forged alloy wheels fitted with ultra-low profile tires in order to fit in the arcs. If this is too much, the tuning company offers option for a set of 20” wheels. The tuned Porsche is lowered thanks to a set of sport springs. No words about pricing and marketing promotions.

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Glacial Hong Kong Hysterically Big City Movement

When you are traveling the urban streets of a big city and spending a time over there especially in amidst saturated crowded people, it felt you overwhelming. Though what would it look like if you took a few seconds to stop and observe? These moments are originally captured by a photographer Brian Yen. He captures the truly busy nature of a populated metropolis through his series of long exposure photography, revealing the dizzying paths of pedestrians and automobiles alike. Spending a year in Hong Kong series originally intended to be a year-long project to turn into a book of sorts, but he has been continuously snapping shots for the last six years. The series documents the bright, cultural, and festive scenes that make up Hong Kong; however, it’s these blurred moments of commuting that have caught our attention.

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