Work of art - a holistic and synthetic artistic with a certain sense, characterized by high aesthetic (beauty). In addition to the aesthetic function can also perform other functions (eg. Educational, cognitive, utilitarian or religious). Its creator is a man - being equipped with a specific sensitivity (without the author does not have works of art ). This product seeks to show by means of specific conventions (form) certain reality physical or mental ( content ). Work of art establishes special insight into the world of visible or emotional , which may be the result of reflection of philosophical author or spontaneous reaction time.

Works of art in terms of mobility can be divided into two groups:

Moving work of art - all elements which, thanks to its cultural value, aesthetic or operational were considered works of art or are under conservation protection, where it is possible to change the location. To this group include: paintings, posters, sculptures, furniture, landscaping, utility items.

Work of art still - also meet the above requirements, but whose translocation is very difficult or impossible: floors, ceilings, architectural detail elements permanently attached to the building, construction works and their fragments, pieces of equipment permanently associated with the object.