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Unusual And Implausible Buildings

Excellent architecture is a way to astonish people. There are some buildings and sculptures that really don’t seem real, being as impressive as they are. Sometimes you might think it is impossible for a building to look like that, as some models look so twisted. Of course besides them having weird shapes and designs, architects have to think about their usability and safety. In the late 20th century many new concept was included in the compass of both structure and function. Now days, before performing any action we keeping future in our visions. Same applies in Architecture also. In the selection below, we present over  Strange & Fantastic Buildings Architecture of modern world. This is why they are up to break all the rules and go for something impressive and bizarre at the same time. You see this bizarre and interesting buildings you see this post and comments about this work.

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20 Creative Handles Collection

Clever use of handles in advertising will definitely reach much wider audience than just the riders on a bus or a train as it can easily become viral  on the Internet these days. It is not a secret that true artist sees the world in an absolutely different way. It is a real gift when you can make ordinary thing look like a real work of art. Our today’s post highlights domestic art or simply put – the handles – that can be easily called masterpieces.It’s time to move inside and check some great interior transit advertising examples. To be more specific, we’re  talking about creative bus and subway handle advertisements.Why should advertisers use it? Well, first of all, handles are interactive in their nature. When a bus or a train moves fast  – you have to grab onto something, and this involves touching the handles around you. This is exactly what every advertiser dreams of – users interacting with their advertisements. Not to mention touching leads to better  remembering of the message.

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Roses You Can’t Smell But You Taste

Always we see many kinds of adorable lovely flowers and their king the rose and we find it’s magnificent fragrance but could you imagine in whole life just for a moment that you see some most lovely and most adorable roses but you can’t smell it’s fragrance nor feel it’s smoothness? I think you never thought but I can make you to do this, you think how it is possible? Come I let you see how it is possible.You see my collection of some of those pictures that you can’t smell nor touch to feel it’s smoothness but you can taste their great awesome flavour and taste. Just enjoy my roses gallery below.

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