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Great Old Rare Photos Of Egypt

Having lived in Egypt a good chunk of my life, I obviously have lots of pictures from there. Egypt is one of the most fascinating places to visit, it has beautiful beaches, long history, beautiful deserts and oases. So, whether you are into Ancient Egypt, four by fouring, hiking, sociology, anthropology, food, or even sand skiing, you’ll find Egypt interesting . Egypt enjoys a unique geographical position. with a total surface area of about one million square Kms, of which only 3.6% is inhabited, it leaves lots of space to explore away from the crowds. It is situated in the northeast corner of Africa and includes parts of Asia; i.e. the Sinai Peninsula. It stands at the heart of the Arab world and at the centre of the old world overlooking the Mediterranean.I am present the old photos of egypt these photos are rare and see this post and comments about this.

Old rare photos of egypt (1) (more…)

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