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Fantastic Digital Artwork By Italian Artist

In this post we will be featuring the work of Daniele De Nigris. Daniele is a digital artist with a unique style.Digital art includes fun activities such as line drawings, photo tracing, photo painting, coloring and painting line art.  For some these activities are quite easy while for others they can be very difficult and challenging.Take a look at this geometry art by DNDesign’s Daniele De Nigris. Daniele lives in Bologna, Italy, and is a graphic designer who works in digital art, illustration and print.I attended the course of decorative painting at the State Institute Of Art of Bologna and then I got a diploma in Graphic at the IED (The European Institute of Design) in Milan. I love the design and graphics in any form.Here is a selection of mechanical patterns and ‘Impossible objects. you see these interesting digital artwork you see this artwork and comments about this post.

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