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Amazing Reclaimed Objects Art Sayaka Ganz

Great artist from Indiana, Sayaka Ganz has an evident attraction for animals, creating splendid sculptures that there the sense of action, but when appear awake close, you can in fact see the lots of entity substance (frequently reclaimed) used in creating them. Nearly all unnecessary objects such as plastic toys, utensils and metal objects will fall fortune to an eternity in a landfill, but artist Sayaka Ganz sees a second life in them. In a move for together the planet and art, Ganz recovers all of this junk and upcycles it into animal shaped sculptures. Sayaka has already created a number of such sculptures for her collection, all which draw inspiration from her time abroad in various countries. As an artist creating these pieces, she attempts to unravel and understand the mysteries of the world. you see these amazing objects and comments about this post.

Amazing Reclaimed Objects Art (1)

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