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Human Blood Paintings Artwork Brazilian Artist

Great artist Vinicius Quesada is a collage/street artist from São Paulo, Brazil. In 2010, he created a series of dystopian images aristocratic Blood Piss Blues, “with actual blood.” brilliant street artist from Brazil who likes to add a shock value to his artwork. His series allowed Blood Piss Blues were created using accurately what it says – blood and urine. The Brazilian street artist makes extremely detailed psychedelic art of aggressive geishas, smoking monkeys, and other apocalyptic and imagery. The images propose a world in which the crest oil disaster has occurred, where kids play in dismantled subway cars and where dense, polluted cities house living rough refugees, sword-wielding geisha and… psychedelic cats. At least that’s one interpretation. Here we shared great photos of human blood paintings artwork and comments about this work. Enjoy!

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Superb And Greatest Inspired Street Art

In Avignon, France, the streets are animated with street artist GoddoG’s graffiti art. The immature artist’s creations are filled with shadow and center on his human being -like characters. Despite having related characteristics to humans, the topics frequently ball up into themselves, giving them an animalistic appearance – specifically, armadillos. GoddoG also occasionally features animals alongside his main figures that are unusually realistic, adding an interesting component to the aesthetic.The bright pops of color, use of patterns, and clean lines are so well executed and complementing that it looks more like hand drawn shapes on a flat surface than graffiti on grainy walls. If it weren’t for the rustic surfaces of the town walls, I would have guess that these were inked sketch in a talented artist’s sketchbook.

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